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Artist: Chihuahua On Acid
Title: Chihuahua On Acid
Label: Intrauterin Recordings
Format: 7", one-sided yellow vinyl edition, hand-stamped, ltd. 300 copies
Released: 2024
Genre: Acid / AcidHouse / ChicagoHouse

This ain't from Chicago. But it could well be. The mysterious production duo operating under the sonic nom de guerre CHIHUAHUA ON ACID works the box like jack never left the dancefloor, fully indulging in a classic, ever so positive and ecstatic AcidHouse vibe that makes us feel like it still is 1988.  An absolutely banging - or better: jacking - vinyl debut for the project, proudly presented by Intrauterin Recordings as a hand-stamped, limited to 300 copies one-sided neon 7“ edition.

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