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Artist: baze.djunkiii
Title: presents Transmissions From The Underground Vol. 1
Label: Jahmoni Music
Cat: JMM401
Format: Tape / Mixtape
Released: 2016
Genre: DarkJungle / Hardcore

Hamburg's underground staple baze.djunkiii presents "Transmissions From The Underground Vol. 1" - the first ever mixtape release on Munich's praised Dub / Breakbeat outfit Jahmoni Music and comes up with two furious, heavy hitting selections. Whilst the A-side weighs in bassheavy DarkJungle covering a selection of tunes from 1993 (!!!) to 2016, the flipside focuses on straight 190+bpm 4/4 Hardcore, rave flavored Tribe Tekno and a little Breakcore sequence. Are you underground enough for this? 

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