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Artist: Sascha Müller
Title: Beat Junkie / Dope Beatz
Label: Intrauterin Recordings
Format: 7", gold vinyl, hand-stamped, ltd. 200 copies
Released: 2021
Genre: Electro / Acid / Phonk / Chemical Beats

It's the year 2021 and SASCHA MÜLLER is making a solo return with a 7“ single on Intrauterin Recordings - an astounding 16 years after his first appearance on the label back in 2005. Coming in raw, dirty and powerful as it gets „Beat Junkie“ weighs in a hypnotizing, grinding and surely Acid-fueled take on distorted, hard hitting peak time beat science whereas „Dope Beatz“ caters a brutal, dancefloor devastating variation of heavyweight (Electro)Phonk x Chemical Beats for strobe-lit industrial dancefloors throughout the darkest, most vantablack hours of the night. 100% untamed underground music for those in the know.

Initial pressing will be limited to 200 copies on 7“ gold vinyl.

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