Hotel Lotte

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Artist: Thee Joker
Title: Untitled
Label: Hotel Lotte
Format: 7"
Released: 1999
Genre: House / BigBeat / Illbient / Downtempo / Classics

Exploring the long lost archives of the former Cologne-based label Hotel Lotte we've discovered another of their classics! On this limited to 500 copies 7“ release from back in early 1999 we see mysterious producer named Thee Joker leaving his only , yet fascinating mark in electronic music history. Whilst „Can I Help You?“ explores thee grey area in between raw, unprocessed Underground House, aggressive vocal sampling and a unique BigBeat interpretation the flipside named „The Skunk Phenomenon“ provides the ultimate definition of Illbient-influenced Dope Beats from the darkest opium den ever imaginable.

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