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Artist: baze.djunkiii + Donna Maya
Title: Alien Swamp
Label: Freebreakz.FWD
Format: 7", ltd. 200 copies w/ photo print inlay
Released: 2020
Genre: Drum'n'Bass / Tribe Tekno / Tribe'n'Bass / DarkJungle

Tribe'n'Bass? Tech'n'Bass? Drum'n'Tech? Whatever you might call it, the first ever vinyl release of the freshly launched imprint Freebreakz.FWD is a quite trip, a journey into the unknown and unexplored.
For their conjunctional studio effort that is „Alien Swamp“ we see Hamburg's baze.djunkiii and Berlin-based Donna Maya draw influences from spiralling TribeTekno and the freeform approach of the teknival scene, pay homage to their love for advanced, experimental Drum'n'Bass and fuse these elements with a stripped down high tech vibe somewhat reminiscent of early Minimal Techno coming out of Motor City Detroit. Imagine all these bits falling together at breakneck speed and with a well psychedelic notion and you'll be captivated by one of the most unique dancefloor cuts from a space-exploring future, the electroid soundtrack for illegal raves taking place under the two suns of life-bearing exoplanets in binary star systems far far away.
Limited edition of 200 copies on black vinyl, handstamped whitelabel with additional photo inlay.


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