The Absence Of Light

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Artist: baze.djunkiii
Title: In Macrospace
Label: The Absence Of Light
Cat: DARK001
Format: C76, limited edition of  120
Released: 2022
Genre: Death Ambient / Dark Ambient / Drone / Industrial / Noize

„In Macrospace“. The monolithic album debut by Hamburg-based DJ x producer x electronic music activist baze.djunkiii, the essence of 25+ years on the scene and continuous research in sonic fields reaching far beyond your regular club music. A dark and threatening journey through the realms of brooding DeathAmbient, cold, hostile sci-fi atmospheres and an innate feel of darkness, doom, desolation and industrial wastelands covered in toxic fumes and the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse. Generated solely and exclusively by a process of extensive vocal synthesis the ten tracks on „In Macrospace“ represent a sonic manifestation of vantablack dystopia and mind threatening, braincell eroding claustrophobia, an ode to both minimalist sound structures as well as a maximized psycho-acoustic impact that might overwhelm even those used to stare into and listen to their innermost void for extended periods of time. Not for the faint-hearted. Listener discretion is advised.

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