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Artist: Marmion
Title: Berlin EP
Label: Superstition Records
Format: 12"
Released: 2021
Genre: Trance / Ambient / Classics


The return of a classic. Originally released in 1993 the "Berlin EP", crafted by Marcos Lopez and Mijk Van Dijk under their conjunctional - and now legendary - moniker Marmion is making a huge return in 2k21 - remastered, with its original tracklist, housed in an original recreated Superstition label sleeve and, most importantly and interestingly from a historical point of view, even featuring the original shoutouts and credits from back in the day which hopefully will send a lot of today's way younger rave generation, most of them possibly unborn in 1993, down history lane in terms of context research and all that. And of course there's the music. "T-Dancer" being a well complex precursor to what should become HardTrance in the years after, "Marmions Island Part 1" represents timelessly floating Ambient in all its glory whilst "Schöneberg" doesn't need an introduction as one of the biggest Trance anthems of all times whereas the closing cut named "The Secret Plant" follows a similar, yet slightly darker and more percussive path into tranceland. Essential.

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