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Artist: Dr. NoiseM
Title: The Love God
Label: Pharmacom Records Ltd.
Cat: -
Format: C60, ltd. 20
Released: 2019
Genre: Experimental / Noize / Rhythm Industrial / Breakcore


Coming up as a limited edition of 20 clean pink'ish tape copies worldwide, all individually wrapped in a folded A4 cover poster featuring some lovely vintage porn cut-outs, is "The Love God", the new album outing by semi-legendary German experimental music producer Dr. NoiseM. Released without a proper accompanying tracklist we're confronted with a massive, one-side spanning maelstrom of raw grinding HarshNoize on the A-side which easily alters and destroys our perception of space and time with an overdose of sonic events per microsecond whereas the flipside indulges in ear-piercing midrange modulations, rhythmic Noize pulses and an even more brutalist approach to the genre, weighing in elements of Break- and GlitchCore, catering soul-sucking DeathNoize and haunting ColdAmbient sequences layered on top of low frequency havoc and turmoil, pure overwhelming Noize outings and more harsh goodness for true lovers of one of the most underground genres of electronic music around.

review by baze.djunkiii for nitestylez.de - http://www.nitestylez.de/2019/06/dr-noisem-love-god-dr-noisem-tapes.html

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