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Artist: Mint Huus
Title: Odd Radio Circles
Label: Cheezy Crust Records
Cat: CCR005
Format: 12"
Released: 2021
Genre: Electro / Acid / NuSkoolBreaks

The fifth release on the near Hamburg-based label Cheezy Crust Records sees Mint Huus coming back with their second 12" vinyl outing on the label after their 2019 debut, presenting a new, slightly more complex take on their trademark Electro interpretation which is paired with tender, melodic and slightly trancey pad layers, ever bubbling synth modulations and even occasional Acid references for dreamy, yet stripped down late night sets. If you've ever been watching shows like the HR3 Spacenight on German television as a young raver in the 90s you'll know exactly what you're in for with this one.

Words: baze.djunkiii for



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