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Artist: -
Title: 60Hz RMX - Black Edition 2012
Label: pro.atomkrieg
Format: 7", one-sided - limited to 100 copies
Released: 2012
Genre: DarkJungle / Drum'n'Bass / Hardcore / Breakcore

Back in 2001. A mysterious bootleg of unknown origin is making waves in Hamburgs Drum’n’Bass, DarkJungle and Hardcore circuits – fusing banging Hardcore beats, nerve wrecking on point snares and an epic sci-fi intro sample with vocals ripped from two of brightest stars shining in the cities blooming HipHop scene. This had never been done before, punters were thrilled and demanded a rewind whenever this was played out. Two years later in 2003 a yellow-flourescent one-sided 7“ appeared out of nowhere featuring only a stamp PRO.ATOMKRIEG 001 and of course the sought after legendary track caned to death throughout several massive Drum’n’Bass / DarkJungle / Hardcore dances. Rumour had it that only 300 copies of this piece were pressed and 30 of these went straight away to only one single out of Tokyos countless record stores. Now the year is 2012, the fusion of Hardcore & Drum’n’Bass has been trending for a while and in retrospect the PRO.ATOMKRIEG 001 is one of the pioneering records of this now popular mashup. That is one of the reasons why the visionary PRO.ATOMKRIEG 001 is back now – a limited black vinyl edition of 100 copies in the original one-sided 7“ format, pressed and produced with the original pressing tool that has been well taken care of by one of the original producers that still remain unnamed. This is the return of a true underground classic.

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4 - 4 von 7 Ergebnissen