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Artist: Cyclo-S9 feat. Search & Destroy
Title: Cry!
Label: Monotone
Format:  12", pink vinyl
Released: 1993
Genre: Classics / Rave / Oldskool


Absolutely rare & massive RAVE masterpiece produced in 1993 by the legendary Bad Kreuznach-based producer Martin Damm, better known to all Hardcore headz as The Speed Freak, Necronomicon, DJ Fistfuck or Wendy Milan as well as to followers of electronic music in general as Anodyne, Biochip C, Phase IV and millions of others pseudonyms. With these four tracks on pink vinyl he explores the realms of massive early 90s Rave Techno and Oldskool Breakbeats whilst offering anthemic, tongue-in-cheek sample madness. RAVE alert and XTC!

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