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Artist: PS Stamps Back vs Anal Fissi
Title: Homefucking Is Killing Prostitution
Label: Minor Label
Cat: MINOR032
Format: LP, ltd. 200
Released: 2014
Genre: Experimental / Dark Ambient / Clicks'n'Cuts / Rhythm Industrial / Unformatted Techno

Originally released as CDr on the Greek label 1000+1 TiLt back in 2005 it took a decade for this album to finally appear on vinyl as a limited to 200 copies pressing on the great imprint Minor Label. Serving a collection of nine tracks from the darkest, most threatening realms to be found in electronic music this spiralling, atmospheric album caters quality sounds for all lovers of Dark Ambient, Clicks'n'Cuts and Unformatted Techno. Limited to 200 copies worldwide and recommended to all fans of Blackest Ever Black and similar labels.

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