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Artist: Tlic
Title: The Inaccessible EP
Label: Minor Label
Cat: MINOR030, smoke vinyl, ltd. 222
Format: 12"
Released: 2014
Genre: Unformatted Techno / Experimental

Another fresh one on the ever active Leipzig-based Minor Label which is home to the well-mysterious producer Tlic, serving five tracks of Unformatted Techno and other experimental electronics on the smoke marbled, limited to 222 copies 12". With cryptic track names written in Telugu and Kannada script language little informationis given about the tracks real intentions but the ancient tribal-references and post apocalyptic photos of architecture can be seen as signposts undeniably leading into very dark and feverish realms. Recommended for fans of Autechre or Monolake as well as to those loving their electronic music being served pretty cold and sterile.

Original review taken from baze.djunkiii Charts 12/2014 on nitestylez.de

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