El Turco Loco

El Turco Loco

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Artist: Bedroom Productions
Title: Bedroom Productions
Label: El Turco Loco
Cat: ELTL005
Format:  LP
Released: 1995
Genre: HipHop / Mutant HipHop

Ready for some sample madness and heavy underground Punk HipHop from the 90s. Be prepared to add the long lost, 1997-released and now rediscovered debut album of Paul Bonomo and Tara Delong a.k.a. BEDROOM PRODUCTIONS to your collection. Lo-fi and Noize-heavy, influenced by the free floating Illbient-scene as well as the DIY-approach of acts like the Beastie Boys this one is about to set your opium den or crackhouse jam on fire, especially with the massive underground hit - Socialism New York City

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