Electro Bunker Cologne

Electro Bunker Cologne

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Artist: X-911
Title: Untitled
Label: Electro Bunker Cologne
Cat: EBC005
Format:  12"
Released: 1996
Genre: Techno / Electronica / Downtempo

With Electro Bunker Cologne we see another highly influental German label of the 90's underground scene of Cologne opening its lost archives to cater the needs of all electronic music lovers with sweet treats - this time presenting an 11' gem from back in 1996 and with this, one of the rarest formats in the vinyl industry. On this untitled, marbled yellow vinyl piece we see Dr Walker (of Air Liquide and Liquid Sky Berlin) and Thomas Thorn teaming up under their collaborational alias X-911, exploring the realms of dope psychedelic Electronica Dub on the A-side whilst the flipside dives deep into a world of tool'ish, trippin analogue and ever evolving Techno with a dubby twist. Collectors item!

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