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Artist: Ensemble Du Verre
Title: Who Will Tell Us (Room 13)
Label: Batterie Records
Cat: -
Format: 7"
Released: 2016
Genre: Jazz / NuJazz / NuSoul

Coming in as a prequel for the forthcoming Ensemble Du Verre album "Rooms" is this beautiful little 7" record featuring two tracks taken off the longplay format, accompanied by a video for the title track of the vinyl, "Who Will Tell Us (Room 13)". The tune mentioned - and to be found on the A side of the 45 - features the fragile, yet touching vocals of Jan-Philipp Kelber spreading over an intimate musical foundation somewhat in between Jazz, thoughtful, late night romanticisms and a ballad'esque twist whilst the instrumental affair "The Beauty Of The Imperfect - Part 1 (Room 24)" goes even deeper and, played on repeat, provides a perfect, mostly piano driven soundtrack for hours and hours well spent in front of open fires throughout stormy autumn evenings. If this is what you're looking for these days, get your local record dealer to hunt this down for you.
[baze.djunkiii for - original review here]

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