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Artist: Rei$$dorf Force
Title: Smart Dust
Label: Syncom Productionz / EMI
Cat: 7243 5 27482 1 1
Format: 2xLP
Released: 2000
Genre: BigBeat


15 years after its original release back in 2000 we managed to get hold of of a few archive copies of „Smart Dust“, the debut album of the former Cologne-based electronic supergroup consisting of Dr. Walker, Freddy Fresh, Wulfmanson, Thee Joker, Nik Frost, M.Flux, LL Nino, Frank Heiss, Thomas Thorn and Mike O'Connell. Together this amazing collective explores the realms of BigBeat, Downtempo, TripHop and Electro on a stunning 14-track gatefold double LP that introduced elements of Jazz and World Music to the electronic scene many years before these influences became widely recognized in the electronic mainstream. A classic, groundbreaking record!

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