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Artist: Jean Bach
Title: Jeans Sans Le Playback (Mais Avec les Autres)
Label: 555 Recordings
Cat: 55521
Format: 7"
Released: 04/2000
Genre: Experimental, Unformatted Techno, Industrial

The legendary Jean Bach working under his aliases Jean Sans Le Playback, Genoveva DMS, Billa and Anti-Zen here - serving a nice mixture of Unformatted Techno and Industrial. Includes the legendary tune "Fuck Merzbow" as well as a remix provided by Rotorik of Mutter- and Mosquito-fame for Billa "Personaleinkauf" and an outstanding tempo changing tune starting off at 112 and finishing at 153 BPM.
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1 - 1 von 35 Ergebnissen